MMO Addons

Allods Online GuildGui1b Addon


"GuildGui1b" is an alternative to built-in Guild & Friends window. It is MUCH more advanced. For example, it shows Zones, where your Guild members and Friends are currently located. Also, it shows Names, Classes, Levels, Tabards, Ranks, Authority, Loyalty, Join dates, Online status, Offline times, and allocation Zones. The list can be arranged by any column! :) Shows, how long the players are offline - this is very handy. Friends list shows "Mutual"/"Not mutual" instead of rank: "Mutual" means your friend have YOU in his Friends list as well, and "Not mutual" means he don't. There are several actions, you can perform on players (rigth-click a buddy for context menu) - Invite to group, Add guild member to Friends list, Remove from Friends list, Kick from the Guild.

Special button "Get 'Time Offline'" collects the "time offline" for ALL your offline Guild (!) members, just like it is done in Friend list.

There is support for four languages: Russian / English / German / French.