MMO Addons

Allods Online HealthDb Addon


Collect, display and storage of health statistics gaming units (mobs, players and pets). Current and maximum health unit are displayed in the bar of his health when he was chosen player.

Statistics stored in the configuration file Allods Online \ Personal \ user.cfg section ScriptLocal_HealthDb and preserved in passing to another location or the end of the game Finish button from the main menu in the first second out. Cancellation does not interfere with the completion of conservation, which allows peresohranyat data without exiting the game. Exit game (click Exit) or departures by mistake does not store data.

Data on the players and their Petham not stored in the config, and exists only in memory until the script is a player or pet are within sight of the player, which is convenient in PVP and hilam in heroics.

Statistics are gathered on the basis of calculating the relationship between the amount of the damage and the difference per cent of health before first taking damage and the percentage of current health. All treatment is subtracted from the amount of damage. The final blow (fatal) are not taken into account, because usually has a value greater than remain healthy unit. Statistics are saved only if the difference of health was not less than 10%.